Saturday, December 15, 2012

My prairie dress

I was going thru my old posts yesterday and realized that I had talked about the Prairie State Park weaving demonstration I did in Sept.  So I decided better late than never and here is a picture of me in my finery with my little table top loom.  It was a fun day and beautiful.  Weather was perfect and the prairie was wonderful.  I may have just been invited to do another demonstration in Branson one day soon.  My reputation is growing.   "Big Head"  Either that or people are just desperate for entertainment.  Either way I do enjoy it so what the heck.  If you will note in the picture that my pantaloons are below my dress line.  LOL  I made them separately and tried them on separately but not together till the day of the demonstration.   No one noticed.

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  1. That way you were made more modest by not showing your ankles. ;)