Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OK its not perfection but sometimes thats OK too

After much advice from about 5 or 6 sources I think I have been able to use my own instinct and figure out what works on this old loom.  It is home made and doesn't seem to fit anything that "weavers" seem to recognize. So some of the help has not really been all that helpful, but I was able to take a little from each one to get to where I am.  I can live with the shed that I get now.  At least the lower 2 strands of warp are lined up nicely at the bottom and I can slide the waft thru with out much trouble.  I was excited to use the release trigger and crank the warp forward.  That is a big deal for me and to still have a tight warp after weaving 5 feet of runner and 2 table mats one right after the other before cutting it off the loom.  See I have used a little table top loom for 4 years!
So now I will finish weaving off this narrow runner set up and will warp on a nice width for a "real" rug.   Also I noticed that my runner was real solid, then figured it out.  My beater bar is so good on this loom that I get a really tight weave.   This is just some mixed gray and pink fabric that I made a rag ball from and I spaced in some selvage that is gray and black.  Will take a pic as soon as I have the ends tied off and trimmed.

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  1. YEA!!!!! DC WEAVES once again! :) Happy that you were able to get it set up and able to begin weaving on the new loom.
    I'm in the process of dressing my table loom to take a "double weave" class this weekend. I'm the only one in the class, so can't beat that, eh? :)
    Congrats once again!