Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Nov. newspaper column

This is looking to be one of the most beautiful fall's I have seen in Missouri. Especially in our area.
I just returned from my get away to Iowa to visit old friends and breath in that familiar air of Iowa. Thats where my roots are so it is always a pleasure to go back and find out what has changed and what is still exactly like you remember. My special treat was the pork tenderloin that is still prepared like it used to be. About 12 inches across, hiding the bun under it. Deep fried till it is crisp and tender. The double treat was to have lunch with my old high school friend who has kept true to her roots and is well known for her beautiful pottery and hand woven rugs. I got some lessons to improve me weaving and hope to get my floor loom going soon. I will have rugs to sell in the book store if anyone wants hand crafted gifts.

The Granby First Wednesday Quilt Club has been allowed to meet at the Baptist Church in Granby. We met there for the Oct. meeting and it looks like a great place with lots of room. So if you are interested in quilting with a group, please join us at 9 AM on the first Wed. of each month. Skill level is not important as I am a novice myself when it comes to quilting. I have come kicking all the way for this as my sister Mary Funk has tried for years to get me to quilt.

My books for this month are a little mixture. The first is a children's book that I love. When I found it, I knew it would be perfect to give my 3 year old great granddaughter.

Guess How Much I Love You

by: Sam McBratney
Illustrated by : Anita Jeram

This sweet book is about a daddy rabbit (hare) and his baby rabbit. As daddy rabbit gets the baby settled for bed they start this competition to tell how much they love each other. The baby starts out by saying “ this much” as he stretches his arms out, and of course daddy rabbit can stretch his wider. So it goes on till the end when the baby thinks he as out done his daddy by saying “he loves his daddy right up to the moon” and as he falls asleep, daddy rabbit says softly, he loves baby rabbit right up to the moon and “back”. The illustrations are very cute. What makes it special is that when I was leaving my daughters house recently my little great granddaughter spread her arms to tell me how much she loved me and so I did the same. She said in a cute 3 year old way, “Wow, thats a lot!” This would be one of those books to go on-line to buy for that special little one. By the way, this one is taken.

by Stephen King

I have gotten away from reading much of Stephen King the past years. But this one caught my eye. This book will tap into any fear you have about the possibility of technological warfare and terrorism. It starts out with a wave of craziness as people get this signal from their cell phone and they either go crazy and kill themselves or who ever is close to them. Then they wonder away to form these zombie packs that hunt for food during the day time and sleep at night. Those few people left without cell phones ban together to try to survive. I have to warn you this one is pretty graphic and violent. Guess thats why I don't read his books very much. If you like Stephen King with all his crazy twists and turns that play with your mind, you might like this. As for me, I am sort of done with him for now till I find something a little less gory.

Sundays at Tiffany's

by James Patterson

Patterson has been writing books that are very sweet and romantic, instead of his usual mysteries . This one was recommended by my 14 year old granddaughter and I really enjoyed it. On the cover it says “What if your imaginary friend from childhood was your one true love?” So that sets up the story perfectly. The “angels” who serve as imaginary friends to children can only be with them till age nine then the go away and the children forget them. Except for this one little lonely girl who's mother is very busy and important in her career and has little time for Jane. Jane does grow up to be successful in her mothers shadow but has never forgotten “Michael”. In her 30's she meets “Michael” again even though it was seem as impossible from “Michael's” point of view as this had never happened before. You will have to read the book to see the transforming power of true love. This is an excellent book for those romantic teen age girls and girls of all ages who still believe in true love.

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