Friday, October 3, 2014

Sept. column

Guess I have gotten behind.  So here is Sept.

I want to put another plug in again for our Fiber Daze event Sept 19th and 20th in Mt Vernon. I have flyer's and info at my book store or go to our website and check it out. Lots to see and do. Free admission and there may even be some classes still open that you can sign up at the door. But you can still register on line. Then click on Fiber Daze. My rug weaving class has filled up but don't forget I will eventually be teaching classes here at my book store.

I can't believe I have been writing this column for over 3 years!
I am vain enough that I have a scrapbook of all my column and in looking back I feel I have read some very interesting books along the way. At the present time my reading has been a little boring as I have been very busy and I seem to fall back on old authors that are comfortable and easy to read. Not that I don't have a big stack of very interesting books waiting for me, so I promise my next book will be a new author.

I have been seeing advertisement for a new movie on an old book that I really liked. It was a book for young adults and I reported on it back in Dec 2012. I felt it would be good to repeat that review since this movie is out. By the way it is rated PG and even though I haven seen it, if its anything like the book I highly recommend it.
The Giver
Lois Lowry
After reading this book I recommend it for anyone 10 or above. It actually comes in a set of 3 books and after reading this first one, you will want to find the other 2 books. It is a small book and easy to read. The setting is in the future where the world has no poverty, no crime, sickness, and no unemployment. Sounds wonderful doesn't it?
Think again as it also offers no choices. 12 year old Jonas is chosen to become the Giver which is an honor only bestowed every generation or so.
As Jonas begins to receive the “memories” of what life before was like going back and back and back, he begins to feel things and see light and color, and experience pain for the first time.
Will he decide that he cannot pay the price to become the “Giver”? There is no turning back or is there?
This is one of those simple but unforgettable books that will stay with you for a long time and may make you even wonder where our own society is headed.

Low Pressure
Sandra Brown
I have found Brown to write good romance novels but also to include very good mysteries into her books. In this one Bellamy has blocked out her memory of a tornado that happened when she was 12 and the murder of her big sister on the same day. As an adult she becomes a well known author and to help her remember this event she writes a book titled “Low Pressure” and opens all the wounds for herself and her family about this event. It is a fiction but has enough facts in it that it opens things up for the people involved in the investigation and conviction of a local man and they don't like the way they are portrayed and the sloppy job and probable incarceration of the wrong man. Which means the the killer is still around and the spotlight goes back on the sister's old boyfriend, Dent. Now Bellamy is getting way to involved with Dent so is she at risk. A great read!

Dorothy Cliff is owner of Read Again Books in Granby.

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