Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The saga of tubular weaving

While on a trip recently to Iowa to visit friends I had the opportunity to teach some weaving techniques to the gal (and her daughters) who taught me to weave.  I told her "now pay attention Grasshopper"!  
I had learned from my weaving class how to do the tubular weave.  They had never heard of it and just couldn't believe you could weave two sides at once with the sides closed.  Well here it is step by step.  My tie up was the usual 1,2,3,4 sequence that I use for all my rugs, so no problem there.  And with my table top it is easy to "treadle" the sequence.  I used:  1----1,2,4----2----1,2,3    Repeat, repeat, ect......
I closed the bottom of the bag with regular Tabby weave then started the tubular weave.  I have some soft knit fabric that my friend gave me.  She had a huge spool of it from a factory. The stretch is across the short side of the fabric so it wasn't stretchy to weave with.   In the second picture you can see the tube starting.  You can put your hand into it to be sure.
This is the finished tied ends.  You have to remember to keep doing the tubular weave as you to the top header. 
The last picture is finished with lining and a strap I made by doing a half hitch type braid using the fabric the bag is made from. I put a couple pockets in the lining and hand stitched it around the top.  Think I could have done it on the sewing machine but just liked doing it by hand.

So there you have tubular weave on a loom, easy as pie!

My thought for the day:  Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there----- Will Rogers

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