Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May column

Tomorrow is May Day, May 1st so I am really on the ball to post my newspaper column today.  So I am caught up and maybe can find something interesting to post before long.  Have been doing alot of sewing and some weaving with my little rigid heddle loom to get some things ready for a craft show coming up in 3 weeks then another one in June.  I am excited about them so will write more soon with some pictures.

May Column:

I have had my book store open since 2006 with the one and half year out in the middle when I moved out of state. I have always been open on Saturday but am rethinking that and have decided that I will change my days to Tuesday thru Friday 10 to 4. Saturday's are usually pretty slow and I have been finding that I have other projects that seem to always fall on Saturdays. I belong the Fiber Folks of South West Mo. Check out our web site http://www.fiberfolksofswmo.com/ I will be at Farm Girl Fest on May 18th in La Russell Mo. Which is just east of Carthage. They will be raising money to help restore and old school house. The Fiber Guild will have a booth also and we will be wearing our Civil War costumes and be doing demonstrations in weaving and spinning. A good event to check out.
Also want to mention I will be closed for a week the end of May so I can catch up with my friends in Iowa and stomp around again in Van Buren County where I grew up.
Can't believe how many books I have read this spring. It is going to take a bit to catch up with them. This month I have a mix of mystery books that have caught my eye. Usually I don't like mystery's because I am afraid they have gruesome stuff in them. Silly me, they don't all fit that category.
Catch Me
                                                    by Lisa Gardner

Charlene Grant believes she is going to die. For the past two years, two of her childhood friends have been murdered one by one. Same day. Same time, one year apart. Now she’s the last of her friends alive, and she’s counting down the final four days of her life until January 21. But she doesn't plan to go down without a fight. She has been working with a trainer to learn to fight and shoot, and she has picked out a homicide detective, D.D. Warren to handle the investigation should her efforts be in vein.
But as D.D. delves deeper into the case, she starts to question the woman’s story. She would like to dismiss her as nuts but Charlene is very convincing and in her own way assists in finding the killer just as the day gets closer. She is drawn into the drama and you will have to read the book to find out who “done it”. Gardner has written six books with detective Warren as the main character. I think I will read a couple more.

One Second After
                                              by William R. Forstchen
I found this to be a very scary book because of the plausibility of the facts. Newt Gingrich writes the forward for the book and gives warning that the events could happen to us. It is an apocalyptic thriller about a high-altitude nuclear bomb of uncertain origins exploding over the USA, unleashing a deadly electromagnetic pulse, EMP, that instantly disables almost all electrical devices in the U.S. The country is plunged into darkness and chaos. The story setting is a small town in North Carolina. Professor Matherson, who is also a retired army colonel, lives there with his two daughters. The town is just a small cosmos of what is going on all over the country with starvation, disease and roving gangs. I found the story to be very well written with the town working to safeguard their own survival. It really makes you see how vulnerable we are and how poorly prepared we are for any kind of event like this. Actually the only way to prepare would be to be proactive and have our equipment made so that it would withstand this kind of attack. We could be destroyed without a shot fired. Very scary stuff!

Monday Mourning
                                                  by Kathy Reichs

Kathy Reichs has written at least a eighteen Temperance Brennan novels with a voice of authority since like her character she is a forensic anthropologist and formerly the Chief Medical Examiner in North Carolina. Reich was the producer for the FOX television hit Bones. In this book Tempe investigates three skeletons that were found in the basement of a pizza parlor. She discovers that the victims are young women who were killed in the 1980's. Thru Tempe's forensic sleuthing and attention to details she pieces the puzzle together. There is romantic tension involving Andrew Ryan, a Montreal detective. It is easy to get caught up in her personal life and her dedication to finding the cause of death when she examines bones. I think I will be reading a few more of her books.

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