Friday, February 8, 2013

My new little rigid heddle loom

Warping my new baby with some plain yarn. It is an Ashford 12 inch, and I ordered the extra heddle so I have 2 sizes to work with.

Weaving with some gray yarn so I can see how it works.  I love it and it is so perty!!!  Not my weaving but the loom.  For sure I think I like weaving with carpet warp and fabric better than yarn, but maybe someday I will change my mind.  Getting the feel of the loom for now.
The Weaving Guild will be held this month at the home of a gal who will be teaching about the rigid heddle loom. Hope to pick up some pointers and how to do some patterns.  Will probably use it mostly to make table runners and mug rugs.

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  1. Excellent! Thanks for posting about your new loom. :) Enjoy!