Friday, October 7, 2011

Gotta fix this problem soon!

Have had advice from a couple folks on solving my problems with my loom.  I think I will order some more Texolv so I can rehang the shafts.  It just looks wrong to me.  Will be meeting with my weaver friend soon and play on her looms and really study them.  Also will go back to the college this next Wed and find that "nice" man.  Couldn't go this week as we had our First Wed. Quilt Club meeting.  Not sure what I am doing in there, as I am not a quilter.  I don't need another hobby!!  But if I can keep it small I will give it a go.  Here is a picture of my "quilting".  It is a little foot stool I found and refurbished for my great grand daughter.  She is 3 and loves little furniture.  I did a crazy quilt topping and put some padding under it.  Was easy to do.  Seeeee I love these small projects!
Well for some reason it won't let me post it today.  Will try later.

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