Saturday, August 27, 2011

Progress continues

So the lower picture is of the inner wall by the brick chimney. All old lath and plaster. We salvaged the old brick work, yeah, that's me chiseling away. I sprayed a clear gloss on it after it was all cleaned up. We put peg board around the open bottom, and covers over the holes that were where stove pipe would have gone.; My inspiration for color came from a trip to Walmart and I saw someone mixing paint for another customer. The color looked yummy enough to eat. It was Raspberry, so I had to have some. That is the bathroom door. To go with the bright cheery color theme, I added Candy Apple Green, Lemon Yellow, and Grape something. See the food connection going on here. I also collect bird houses, so you will see more of that later on. Enough for this post.

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